We are constantly exploring real estate development and entrepreneurial acquisition opportunities

Wynne/Jackson currently operates on a regional basis within the confines of the state of Texas. With projects primarily in and around Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, the company has earned a reputation for delivering high quality projects in the communities in which they are active. Over the next 10 years, Wynne/Jackson’s business plan envisions expanding its influence and scope through the deployment of capital and expertise to unique, opportunistic projects in multiple markets.

The Company is constantly exploring development and entrepreneurial acquisition opportunities in the Southeast, Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions, and would look to expand outward from its home base. In certain markets, strategic alliances with firms that have a strong local presence have been discussed as a method of providing the best opportunities for growth in those markets.

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Residential development, land entitlement, student/multi housing, and mixed-use development

The Company’s real estate activities involve four primary disciplines — residential development, land entitlement, student/multi housing, and mixed use development. In addition to project development ventures in these areas, Wynne/Jackson has also been involved in financial partnerships with several major international investors and domestic lending institutions.

While it was Clyde Jackson’s vision that long ago gave the company its focus and direction, it is the executive team and the talented group of real estate specialists, working side-by-side that has given Wynne/Jackson its drive in an unprecedented run of success. Individually, each member of Wynne/Jackson’s in-house staff provides valuable expertise and skills in a very specific area of the business. Together, they comprise a dynamic force – a cohesive, close-knit group capable of handling a wide spectrum of projects, from the simple to the sophisticated.

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Each of our communities possesses a unique character and set of common qualities that attract homeowners, top builders and investors

While historically the company’s investment and development activity was concentrated on commercial development, it is residential land development that has proven to be its core business – the most lucrative and recognized of its disciplines. In ambitious, highly-amenitized master-planned communities all across Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Atlanta, Wynne/Jackson has left its indelible stamp of excellence. Though each community possesses a unique character, all share common qualities that attract not only homeowners, but the top builders and investors. Student housing development has also been a sector the company has been involved in for several years through the underwriting of opportunities and assisting capital partners in placement of capital. Using that knowledge the company recently partnered with Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions in the development of a new 600-bed student housing project at the University of Texas, Dallas campus.

Close proximity or easy access to schools, services and shopping as well as to work, entertainment and recreation centers are the hallmarks of every Wynne/Jackson community. Within each community, Wynne/Jackson showcases its exceptional planning skills in the form of attractive shared amenities. Lavish entrances, lakes, wooded areas, active and passive parks, hike and bike trails and amenity centers with clubhouses, pools and playgrounds are among the many perks of life in a Wynne/Jackson master-planned community — all designed to enhance the life experience of homeowners.

The impressive scope of Wynne/Jackson’s master-planned communities — not only in size, but in amenities — has contributed to the unprecedented success and popularity of these residential settings. In turn, the company’s investment partners have reaped equally impressive financial rewards.

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