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Key Personnel

Wynne/Jackson is run by a close knit group of highly focused executives motivated by their desire to acquire and develop real estate assets befitting their reputation for quality and financial success. Although a privately held company, Wynne/Jackson established an outside Board of Directors to facilitate growth and management control.

In the late 1990s, Clyde Jackson implemented a succession plan to ensure that his namesake firm will not only grow, but thrive for years to come. Under this plan, longtime Chief Operating and Financial Officer Frank Murphy and Mr. Jackson’s sons Michael and Christopher will take the reins and guide the company into the future. Clyde Jackson’s foresight and guidance have paved the way for a smooth transition into the future and the promise of longevity. Business partners and associates can be assured that Wynne/Jackson will be an enduring presence in the marketplace for generations to come. So, in a very real sense, the four principals at Wynne/Jackson represent both its past and future.

Clyde C. Jackson, the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Wynne/Jackson, has long been a familiar and well-respected fixture on the Dallas real estate scene and his contributions to the city landscape have been numerous. He has been instrumental in the creation of some of Dallas’ most notable developments as well as projects in Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. A Dallas civic leader, he is indeed the patriarch of the Wynne/Jackson family.

Frank Murphy, Wynne/Jackson’s Chief Financial Officer and Principal, is a veteran of over twenty five years with the company and has participated in development, asset and property management, consulting, leasing and brokerage activities for over 1.5 billion dollars in real estate properties. He has spearheaded Wynne/Jackson’s numerous consulting projects with various institutions over the years. He also operates the development and acquisition areas for the company.

Michael C. Jackson, Wynne/Jackson Principal, is in charge of new project acquisition, site analysis, homebuilder relationships, community and corporate marketing, lot sales and market analysis. Michael’s extensive 20-year background includes experience in commercial appraisal and in national tenant representation brokerage.

Christopher C. Jackson, Wynne/Jackson Principal brings to the table a background in law as well as expertise in project management, engineering oversight and contract compliance.

These four company principals and other key players at Wynne/Jackson jointly review all company activities on a weekly basis, taking a careful, methodical approach to business with all evaluations and decisions made by consensus. The company has also implemented sophisticated reporting systems that assure the integrity of each project. Wynne/Jackson is very much a team effort and it is this corporate “attitude” that has enabled the company to perform so consistently well for its investment partners. The following biographies describe the current responsibilities and past affiliations of the entire Wynne/Jackson team.

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